Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This week's inspiring quote

This little gem comes straight from the belly of the most conservative school I know of, BYU, in probably one of the most conservative classes it has to offer, Family Finance in the School of Family Life major. My teacher was talking about insurance, and he asked a probing question to know what kind of risks or dangers we each face each day and why we should want insurance. He was looking for more broad answers like accidents and what not. To this question, a girl raised her hand and answered,

"Cancer, we should get insurance to protect ourselves from cancer. Because if your husband has cold sores in his mouth then you can get cervical cancer, and insurance companies don't cover your medication, and it's REALLY expensive!"

to which my teacher stared surprised and blankly back at the girl, wondering why she would divulge such intimate and personal information in front of a class of 200+ strangers. It was inspiring.

My next post, whenever that will be, will probably continue our Havasupi adventure. Good stories deserve time to tell them...

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  1. That just blew my mind. How wonderful. I don't believe in insurance unless it's for my child. I plan on dying of cancer uninhibited.