Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The best of times: New blog coming!

Most of what I say on this blog is pointless dribble. 98%, at least (if not more...) I will proudly admit that. But today I actually do have something important to say. The next post I write is going to be the last post I write on this blog. And I'm dead serious about that. And the reason for this news is that I am starting a new blog, one in which I can add new pictures...

You see, several months ago I maxed out my limit of pictures that I'm allowed to put on this blog for free. Any new pictures and I'd have to pay money to buy space. I don't want to delete old posts because that would go against everything I stand for. It would be like ripping out pages of my journal and denying my Bolts of Thunder heritage. And I won't do that to my friends... So being the American that I am, I refuse to pay for something and would just rather put in more work and effort to go around the system to keep my mooching habits alive. So I actually started a new Bolts of Thunder blog so that I can add new pictures to it and keep you posted on the progress of our next video. This is quite a big leap for the Bolts of Thunder franchise because I am once again committing myself to take a lot of pictures when we're out skating and put them on the blog. Oh, those were the days when I used to do that... So it's what I'm going to commit myself to doing again. So in the next post, I will put the link to our new blog and try to make sure that it is really clear where all the latest action is going to be going. I'll give you a hint, it's going to be called "Bolts of Thunder 4" in commemoration of our next blog. But that's all I can say now.

So in this, my last real post of the Bolts of Thunder blog, I would like to leave you all with the image of the OG Bolts of Thunder team, the crew that started it all, the 5 ragtag rebels that spit in the face of social structure, classes, organization, law, age, and gravity. We made middle aged skating look good, we brought sexy back way before Justin Timberlake was pretending to do so, we told you that war was good for absolutely nothing, and we were the wind beneath your wings. And as a side note, I will say that the feeling in the air these days is very similar to the old days, which is an exciting feeling. We've got a solid crew of friends, and we all skate, hang, cry, and film together, the way skate crews should be. So I'm really excited for what Bolts of Thunder's putting out next.

So in this picture you will find the fit, post central American surfing sugar glazed version of Nick, the 35 year old scout master version of me, the timeless version of Matt, the jacked up drugged out of his mind making you feel uncomfortable while he invades your private space and stares deep into your eyes Dave, and the having fun, business as usual Dan. They were the best of times and the best of times. It was the first Bolts of Thunder video premier at my house. Brings a tear to my eye...


  1. Seriously does almost bring a tear to they eye

  2. and it would certainly sound sexier and more technologically savvy if you call it Bolts of Thunder 4.0

  3. Or maybe a sexier title could be Bolts of Thunder Down Under