Thursday, February 14, 2013

more havasupi

Here are some pictures of Wizard grinding the hospital hubba. So last I saw you, I left you getting ready for our epic Havasupi trip. We got it all planned out, I was coming up from California to meet Matt, Hannah (who had come from Provo), Spencer (who came from Salt Lake), Spencer (from St George), and Brian (not sure where he was?) in Las Vegas. We all met up, made sure we were ready to go, and in a few minutes we were off to Havasupi. Let me prep this by saying that Brian and my last trip had instilled quite a lot of confidence within us. We went there and back again in a total of 48 hours (10ish hours of driving, 11 ish hours of hiking, 3 ish hours of sleeping, and the rest of the time swimming in waterfalls) with no blankets or provisions. I ate raw packages of oatmeal that pumped my blood up full of sugar and got me right up that mountain. We brought two cans of soup, one of them we brought down and ate for lunch, the other we left in the car and ate as a victory meal. We were pretty confident in our amazing ability to survive the elements of Havasupi, and we didn't feel many provisions would be necessary on this trip. Keep in mind that last time we went was in June or July when it was really warm at night, and we didn't really even sleep a full night, and this time going down was in September and we were sleeping a couple nights. But I thought I would be fine with no more than a fleece blanket that was 3 feet by 5 feet, a box of oatmeal and a few granola bars, a couple cups of noodles, and maybe a couple freeze dried hiking meals. I didn't even bring a stove or anything to cook the food, I was just going raw on it. I was pretty confident about this one...

Brian, too, was quite confident. Although I don't remember what he brought as far as food goes, I remember very well that all he brought to cover him as he slept was a camouflage tarp from the army. It had no warmth-retaining skills at all, just a little tarp that could barely cover his body.

Justin came way over prepared. There's a nice balance somewhere in the middle where you come ready but not overly ready. He was overly ready. He had a giant duffle bag filled to the brim and overflowing with gear and a guitar strapped to his back so he could jam while we were chilling. Everyone else seemed to have been in the good balance section of being prepared.

Sorry, but I have to leave you now. School calls... But the story lives on in our next post...

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